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The Utamaduni Restaurant

A Taste of Traditional Kenya

The Utamaduni Restaurant at Bomas of Kenya will wow your palate with a rich menu of unique cultural foods from different communities of the country.

This restaurant prides itself in offering diverse foods – from snacks and fast food items to almost forgotten local specialties. As the name itself states – Utamaduni (a Swahili word for “culture”) tastes like home kitchen from the past.

Sumptuous meals ranging from local barbecue (nyamachoma); Kenya’s staple food ugali (maize porridge); and community specific specialties (the Gikuyu mukimo/potatoes specialty; the Abagusii matoke/plantain bananas; the Abaluhya traditional ingokho/chicken and green vegetables, etc.);to fish and chips…are all at your disposal at pocket friendly prices.

You will most certainly love the traditional zest our chefs add to their exquisite dishes.

Situated at the heart of Bomas, the restaurant’s location is a marvel in itself -adjacent to the Nairobi national park, it offers a serene, natural and relaxing environment.In this beautiful setting, the restaurant comprises of several balconies and terraced areas, and is architecturally inspired by the shape of traditional huts. As such, it is ideal for both outdoor and indoor dining experiences.

The restaurant is also proud of its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, catering for both locals and international clients, whether they drop in for a casual lunch, host business partners,or enjoy a classy dinner to woo their significant other.

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